Color Roll 3D Mod APK 200011 (Unlimited Coins) Download

Download Color Roll 3D Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Play a fun and easy puzzle game made especially for children to enjoy.

 Name Color Roll 3D
 Compatible with Android 5.0+
 Last version 200011
 Size 128.59 Mb
 MOD No ads
 Category Puzzle
 Developer Good Games Jobs
 Price Free
 Google Play Link com. game. colorroll3d

There are many shapes that need to be rolled into place. Follow the correct sequence of colors to perfectly match the figure or object in the picture. Download Color Roll for Android to play the puzzle game that is best for both bored adults and interested kids. Learn the order and roll each color into place with no problem.

How to Play Color Roll 3D

As stated earlier, Color Roll 3D is a game that children can primarily play. But that doesn’t preclude adults from enjoying the experience. At the same time, the controls and overall gameplay are designed in such a way that a child of any age can easily access the game.

Your goal will be to collapse palettes of different colors so that they exactly match the shape and pattern of a certain object. Each level of the game will display a different object that you must mimic.

Now the challenge is in the exact order of the colors you will be using in your shape. Choosing the wrong sequence will eventually mess up the final results by creating a different shape from the image. After all, you will need to think before you act.

This aspect of the game can make it quite enjoyable for adults. You don’t need to think too much to pass the level. However, the level of difficulty is still obvious enough that an adult can still spend a little time on Color Roll 3D.


As for the controls – easy. You simply need to roll down a specific color at a time. So, all that is required from you is the ability to tap, hold and slide down on your color. Doing this will have them roll right into place. So, no dexterity or coordination skills are necessary.

Color Roll 3D

As we said, the game is suitable for both young children and adults. Too complex controls would be too difficult for some of the younger viewers who were supposed to play.

In any case, with these controls behind the game, even a child could complete the level blindfolded with one hand behind his back… Maybe not quite. But you still understand what you are trying to do.


Everything is done just for the entertainment of the child. Thus, visually cluttered or overly detailed play can cause the child to lose focus or be too distracted to pay attention. So, Color Roll 3D made super simple models and backgrounds for the game.

Color Roll 3D

Firstly, the background is a piece of wood, as if from a school desk. Then the shapes and colors look simple without anything fancy. Everything is straight to the point and elementary.

The graphics are not only great for holding a child’s attention, but also suitable for a puzzle game. Any overcrowded puzzles would only distract or confuse players. So, Color Roll 3D does its job well.

Color Roll 3D Mod APK

The modified APK version of Color Roll 3D is still the same game. There aren’t many differences between the versions other than a little quibble.

These improvements will likely include how downloading the latest Color Roll 3d Mod APK for Android will save memory. Now you will have more space for other great games to pass the time. In addition, the installation will be faster. It’s not that important or noticeable when most games are already fast installs, but it’s worth mentioning.

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