Messi calls for unity after Saudi Arabia shocker

Messi Argentina has no room for error after a sensational defeat at the World Cup.

Argentina has no margin for error after sensational FIFA World Cup defeat Argentina’s Lionel Messi reacts during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

Lionel Messi says his side have nobody to blame but themselves after his Argentina side were stunned by Saudi Arabia in the first leg of the World Cup in Qatar while on a 36-match unbeaten run.

Messi’s fifth – and likely final – World Cup got off to the most ignominious start imaginable after his first-half penalty was canceled out by two strikes from Saudi Arabia within five minutes of the start of the second half, which is considered one of the greatest defeats. in the world. History of the Cup.

But speaking after a dismal defeat, Messi said he knew full well what Saudi Arabia was capable of, a team 48 places below them in the world rankings.

“We knew this was a team that would play if we let them… They didn’t surprise us, we knew they could do it,” the Argentine icon said via Todo Noticias.

And Messi puts the defeat down to those crucial few minutes in the second half during which Argentina let its guard down.

In five minutes of mistakes that we made, we went 2-1 down and then it was really tough, and we lost organization and started punting the ball,” he explained.

Obviously we have to win or win now. It’s up to us to fix what we did wrong and get back to the basics of who we are.

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