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Information of Photopea

App Name Photopea
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Latest Version 1.0
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Price Free
Size 13.47 MB
MOD Info For Android
Category Apps
May 13, 2022

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About Photopea Apk

Photopea Apk Picture Editor is the preferred and free utility to change your pictures. In this way, you can do all Photoshop functions to enhance photos online. With Photopea you can easily edit your images online, apply results, filter, add text content, crop and resize your images completely free.

Photopea Official Picture Editor is a free utility to change your pictures. With it, you can do all Photoshop actions online hassle-free and without any fee. You can also get all images in CXF, PSD, CDR, XD and Sketch codecs. You can also save your customizations in PNG, JPG, or SVG codecs.

Photopea Apk Download Latest Version

Photopea App Application offers

This Photopea apk application offers users the opportunity to create vector graphics on their devices without having to put anything down on paper. This application provides users with the high quality tools to create high quality graphics just like they would with any Photoshop application. The user can create illustrations or their preferences.

Graphic design is very trendy these days. The user will be able to create high quality projects with this application, since it offers the possibility of getting the most updated and updated tools, since it updates itself regularly, which makes it even more desirable for others. This helps users in using the application services without facing any kind of problems. This application can export its work from other applications in any format since it is compatible with almost all of them.

Photopea Apk Download Latest Version

Photopea apk Works And Permissions

You can make corrections or add items by using the services of this application. Photopea apk application makes its services available to its users 24/7, which means the user can use the application services whenever he wants and wherever he is. The Photopea apk application doesn’t need to install any extensions to enjoy all of its services. The application user needs to grant some permissions to the app in order for it to work properly.

Photopea apk user does not need any kind of user manual as the app is very simple and easy to use and its interface is similar to other applications available in the market

Features of Photopea apk

Photopea apk application offers users many amazing benefits and features which are listed below.

Graphic Editor

The Application provides users with the ability to use the App Services to create graphical content by using the App Services.

Supports Vector Drawings

The application user can draw vector images by using the app services. You can create illustration, web design and other such projects by using the app’s amazing photo editing features.

Intuitive User Interface

Photopea apk application has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface and users of this application can easily navigate to the application without any kind of tutorial or user guide required for this purpose.

Free of cost

All the services provided by the application are free and the user does not need to burden their wallet to use the services of this amazing application.

Image Editing Tools

The application provides users with many image editing tools like clone stamp healing brush, spot healing brush, patch tool, smart objects, vector shapes and many more.

Compatible with other Android devices

The application also offers users the opportunity to use the services on other Android devices. It is compatible with different smartphone brands, so everyone can use it.

Use filters The application

provides users with many amazing filters that they can use to make their masterpiece even more amazing and eye-catching.

No interruption

Photopea apk application allows users to easily cycle through the applications without interrupting the system operation.


The application user can take advantage of the layering feature to create high-quality content. This allows them to edit each layer separately, which not only simplifies the whole process, but also gives them the ability to add tiny details without fret.

Photopea Apk Less space consumption

Photopea apk application doesn’t take up much space on user’s device, which makes it easy for everyone to download and install it on their phones without worrying about their Android device’s storage space.

Create vector shapes

The application user can create vector shapes and use them in another project by keeping them in their own library. You don’t need to root your device This application helps the user to enjoy all the services of the app without rooting their Android device.

Photopea Apk Download Latest Version

Support multiple languages

The application offers users the opportunity to use its services in any of the languages ​​that the users desire. Language options include Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romania, Bulgarian, Thai, Slovak, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Armenian and many more more. Since the application consists of this huge number of languages, anyone from all over the world can easily use its services.

Supports Different Formats

This application supports various image formats like JPG format, PNG format, DNG format, GIF format, SVG format, PDF format and many more other image file formats. This allows the user to download all types of image files even if they have used them in other programs of this type.

Safe and confidential

Photopea apk application ensures that all information of its users is kept safe and confidential. Users’ personal and private information is not shared over the Internet and no third party can access it.

Photopea Apk Save files locally

The application stores all files that the user is working on locally. This means that the user does not have to worry about their files being shared online.

No regionalization

Photopea apk application user can use the app services anywhere in the world as it supports many different languages ​​and is not tied to any regionalization.


Photopea apk application provides users with many high quality features to create high quality projects. The application offers all of its services for free, which makes it even more desirable.

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