Pull the Pin Mod APK 144.0.1(Without Ads/Unlimited Money)

 Name Pull the Pin
 Compatible with Android 5.1+
 Last version 144.0.1
 Size 91.49 Mb
 MOD Unlock all skins
 Category Puzzle
 Developer Popcore Games
 Price Free


Download the latest Pull the Pin APK for Android to solve tons of challenging physics puzzles and keep your brain healthy!

Pull the Pin Mod APK 144.0.1

The levels start out quite easy but become much more difficult as time goes by. From pulling the pins once or twice, you will have to face all sorts of tricks. There are color requirements, bombs and even massive obstacles on your way. Do you have what it takes to master Pull the Pin.

How to Play Pull the Pin

Pull the pin straight ahead, but not lightly. The game does a good job of teaching you the mechanics as you progress. All you need to do is swipe your finger and pull out the pin. You can think of plenty of other puzzle games for Android like Happy Glass and many more and Pull the Pin won’t disappoint if you’re a big fan of the genre.

This puzzle game is designed to keep you on your toes when you are bored or killing time on the train. Don’t worry – if you get stuck, there is a hint function, and if you get really stuck, you can always ask your friends for help.

Pull the Pin Mod APK 144.0.1

Working Your Way Through the Levels

Each level is an intricate puzzle. It’s like an arcade game where you toss coins or try to get water from one end of the puzzle to the other. In this case, there are many different balls involved in Pull the Pin.

Sometimes you just need to complete as many balls as possible, but sometimes you need to make sure they interact with other colored balls and don’t explode into a huge bomb.

Unlimited Levels, Unlimited Fun by Pull the Pin Mod APK

One of the best features of Pull the Pin is the sheer number of levels. As with all great puzzle games for Android, you never want the fun to end. Although the levels are easy at the beginning and you can complete 2-3 levels every minute, the game gets more and more difficult. By the time you reach level 400, it will be much more difficult than it was at the beginning. There are some ads, but with an easy-to-download APK mod, they will disappear!

Pull the Pin Mod APK 144.0.1

If you get stuck, help is at hand by Pull the Pin Mod APK

Do not worry. Pull the Pin is pretty forgiving, especially if you start to get stuck on the levels. You can use the coins you earn while playing to buy hints. You get more coins by collecting more orbs, so be sure to complete each level to the best of your ability.

These hints give you a big clue as to which pins you should pull first and in what order you should complete the level. If you’re really stuck, help is right here! Don’t get frustrated with the hint, sometimes you’ll need it to get through these difficult levels.

Training your brain

One of the best things about Pull the Pin and other similar games for Android is that these fun little time killers are also great for keeping your brain sharp. There have been many studies that prove that playing puzzle games on your phone is a good way to keep your brain active and healthy.

Solving complex puzzles requires a lot of thought and time, which allows you to focus and not just watch videos or listen to music. The challenge is right there and waiting for you, do you have what it takes to solve physics puzzles on your own.

Pull the Pin Mod APK 144.0.1

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